ShopFeedback is my first attempt at making a real SaaS type product. My long term goal is to have an indie SaaS company that makes enough money to support me and my family, without the need for outside funding or a ton of employees. I don’t know if ShopFeedback will be that app, but I’ve learned a lot while making it and getting it into the hands of users.

The idea came about as I was looking to add a feedback type app to my shop DVLPR but all the Shopify feedback apps were super expensive. So I figured I would attempt to build a cheaper and better one. I’m biased, but I do think ShopFeedback is the best NPS feedback app on the Shopify AppStore and at the best price.

Admittedly I have spent way too much time making this app, but it’s taught me a lot of things that I would not have learned on the job or otherwise.

If you or someone you know runs a Shopify store, I’d love to have you try out ShopFeedback and let me know what you think.


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