About me

I am a [developer, indie hacker, brand owner] living in beautiful Colorado with my wife, son and our dog, Pixel.

While I have dabbled in various languages and frameworks, I have landed on JavaScript and React as my go-to technology. I enjoy working on both the front and backend of the stack, but I spend most of my time and focus on the frontend. I also find myself from time to time dipping my toes into a bit of design, mostly for personal projects. The act of being able to have an idea, design it and then bring it to life, is pretty magical, and that’s what code gives us.

Lately, I have been getting into the JAMStack in general, and Gatsby more specifically. Not only is the developer experience great, but it also creates super fast sites and is very flexible on where the data comes from. I have used Gatsby for my side project landing pages, this site that you’re on right now, and for my DVLPR project, which is a headless Shopify site.

When I am not coding, I can be found hanging out with my family, chasing my kid around, designing shirts, and learning about SaaS, indie businesses and playing video games.

I’m on Twitter at @traviswerbelow

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